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Company Mission

Eco-friendly Company pursuing Energy Saving and Global Environment,Corporate Mission : 
		 Guided by relentless focus on our five categorical imperatives, we will constantly strive to implement critical business
initiatives required to achieve our ultimate vision of becoming a world-class medium-sized player in LED lighting industry.
Such categorical imperatives are unabrasively and deeply engraved as follows Delivering a full satisfaction of our customers
by offering best-quality products & services stemming from operational excellence in every corner of the Company,
Preserving global environment while protectinghuman health for the sake of the next generations via doing the Company’s on
and on utmost efforts not to use harmful substances in its products, being a conspicuous performance leader in Research &
Development with Design activities in innovative and cost-effective ways so as to not only figure out financial constraints but
also simultaneously come much closer to the ultimate expectation of product perfection; re-investing a sustainable yet
considerable portion of the Company’s profits in both its own further development and employees’ well-being &
work expertise Cultivating restlessly the corporate atmosphere of reciprocally trustworthy and cooperative relationship
in-between executives and staff members, which would & should eventually lead to making its in-house culture and
traditionrooted on cozy-orientedfamily, obviously being distinguished from big companies’. Corporate Motto : SIMPLE(· Our products’ instruction is easy no matter how complicated 
    & cutting edge technologies they are being applied
· Our products’ quality is warrantable no matter under what 
· Our A/S(after service) may be always deemed trustworthy in
    all circumstances) & SMART(· Our product & product service are reasonable in price, period
· Our product service delivers always incomparable value-added
· Our product is instantly perceived to differentiate both internally
  and externally in any case)